Monday, December 17, 2012

Free Music Sample ~ JJ Heller

My favorite song of JJ's should be no surprise, it's the Boat Song. I play it and sing along to my husband and he just smiles. Hope you guys will check it out, she's a beautiful singer who sings beautifully. ;)

Saturday, December 1, 2012


I saw this in a shop last year and loved it.  It's a statue of what I think looks a lot like my King Titan.  Within my story (Legend of the mer II ~ THE NEW GUARDIAN), I have included two poems.  I'm sharing this one with you:

His beard and brows are snowy-white
As well as his long hair
His chest is broad and his tail is strong
Sending salty sprays into the air
His eyes are silver and dark grey
None can look upon him and not fear
He causes his enemies to tremble
Whenever he swims near
He travels deep into grottos and caves
And rules his Kingdom well
His mer people praise him for the good he does
And in their legends they tell
Of Titan their mighty and sovereign King
That is wise and ancient of days
He rules with love, kindness and mercy
And teaches them all of his ways

Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Target Date For Publication ~ Legend of the Mer II

As many of you know, one of my favorite sayings is if you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.

This month has started out with a bang, one being the birth of my little granddaughter.  Anyone who knows me knows that my grands are the icing on the cake!

Therefore a new target date for my sequel:  December 1, 2012.

I've had a lot of fun these past two years writing this story.  Some of you may know my first book was written mostly of a way to share my heart with my grandchildren.  I had cancer and wasn't sure I'd be around.

After becoming cancer free I decided to write the sequel just for fun!

This time I'm not only continuing the story of Princess Lana and Prince Titus, but also telling the story of Jedediah Prentis (Lana's half brother).  He's inherited some of the unique abilities of the mer and he's also wrestling with the responsibility he's inherited.

I hope you'll check it out!  ;) 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Legend of the Mer II ~ The New Guardian

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know that my target date to publish the sequel to my book (Legend of the Mer) is now set for November 13th!

I plan to publish on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, CreateSpace and Smashwords.

This story is filled with even more adventure as you travel with the mer and get to know Jedediah Prentis and his unusual gifts he inherited!

Hope you'll check it out!  ;)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Blooming Late

Blooming Late, is a support group that encourages female (no men allowed!) writers who began their writing journey when they were over 40. It’s a great place to meet women who, while maybe at a different place on the road, are all traveling to the same destination you are: Being a published writer! Please come check us out at and learn about our platform, our blog, and how to connect on Facebook and Twitter!Please share this with other women who are over 40 and looking  for support and encouragement in their writing lives!

Visit Blooming Late at:

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just re-read The Hobbit

I just finished re-reading The Hobbit the other day and am really excited to see the movie that's supposed to be out in December; that's one of the reasons I wanted to read it again.  I also like to see if they keep to the original story; I hope they will.

If you hadn't read it in awhile or at all, I hope you do.  There's just something about Tolkien's writings that take you outside of yourself and transport you to his world of Middle Earth.  If you enjoy Wizards, Dwarves, Elves, Dragons and of course Hobbits then you'll love it!  ;)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Christian Women's Voice ~ Autumn Reflections

My poem "Autumn Reflections" has been chosen for the September/October Christian Women's Voice magazine.  It's my first "official" publication in a magazine.  I am very honored and am excited to see how the magazine and Chief Editor, Debbie Dillon bring inspiration and encouragement to other women.

Here is the link:

Hope you'll all check it out!  ;) 

Monday, August 20, 2012

When all you can do is PRAY

I write a lot about choosing joy inspite of our circumstances and I always have before, even through battling cancer.  I've had several situations where I had no control of the situation and had to rely on God for help whether it be physical, financial, relational.

For the last two months I have had odd things going on, but didn't pay attention to them; I saw someone with a flashlight in our back woods and thought it a hunter who strayed into my property, on a July night I heard whispers in the woods and thought it some teens playing moon-doggy, one night after getting out of the shower I thought I saw a light pass under my locked bathroom door and that same evening my husband told me that I left the computer and light on in our office.  I had all the warnings, but paid little attention to them.

I'm originally from California where the crime rate was higher than the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, but I still lock my doors.  I always tell everyone I know, "Hey anyone can be living here, there are a lot of transplants, I'm one of them!"  Lol!  I also believe these are desperate times with the unemployment so high.

Wednesday was pretty much like any other, I had gone into my bedroom to read and I locked my door.  I was awake when I heard someone in my house.  I thought I had lost track of time and went to unlock the door for my husband.  Before I got to it the doorknob began to turn; my husband would never do that and I wondered if one of my kids were playing around (who by the way have homes of their own, but still have a key to mine).  I said, "Kock it off, who is that?"  No one answered, but now the lock began to turn.

I quickly grabbed onto the lock and held it firmly and turned on my bedroom light.  It didn't stop whoever it was, they kept trying to turn it.  In that moment fear began to rise, I couldn't get to my cell phone without letting go of the lock.

In that moment, I talked (prayed) to God.  I said, "Is this it?  If it is your will then I'm ready to go home."

God spoke to my spirit and said, "No."

"But I'm weak Lord."

"Fight for your children to have a mother, fight for your grandchildren to have a grandmother, fight for the book you haven't written that will touch someone's heart."

"Then give me the strength of David, give me the strength of Samson."

Then I felt this overwhelming peace and strength and anger that they were trying to rob those I love!  I thought about how I battled through cancer so that I would have more years with them.

I could hear someone else in the house quickly, but quietly looking through my things.  I know there was at least two of them.

I began to pretend like I was one the phone talking to one of my daughters and telling my sons-in-love (who are hunters) to bring it!  This went on for 25 minutes and then my husband came home and I heard them quickly running out the door.  I prayed that my husband would be safe and then I called the police.

I don't think anyone is prepared for a moment like that, I certainly wasn't.  At least seven police officers were at my home in minutes.  I don't think they took anything.  For now, the intruders have escaped.

Whenever I hear someone saying that they're going through a tough time I tell them that God is bigger.  I know how I held that lock, because my wrist is still sore.  I know it was God helping me to do it and I am so thankful.

I was raised by a hunter and taught how to shoot from a BB Gun, Rifle and Black Powder.  I didn't like having weapons in my home while I was raising my children, but I definitely have a new perspective.  God also teaches us to be wise as foxes and I am better prepared, but know that it is God who ultimately watches over my home and helps me to get through all of my battles.

Did this shake me up?  Definitely, but inspite of it, I am choosing joy!  ;)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Most Fascinating Blog of 2012 ~ Fascination Award nomination

Wow, my computer was down for a week with a power outage.  I came back to find that Matthew Pelletier had sent me an email stating that I've been nominated for the Most Fascinating Blog of 2012 ~ Fascination Award for Creative Writing.

It was for an article I shared in 2011 titled Finding Joy in the Journey ~ A POEM FOR FALL.  He said that the comments posted in response to my post proved that my content not only inspires my audience, but it also creates discussion around my posts, both of which are requirements for the nomination of a Fascination award.

I am very honored.  : )

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Finding Joy in the Journey: THE HEART OF A PATRIOT

Finding Joy in the Journey: THE HEART OF A PATRIOT: What is it about this Great Nation of America that stirs our hearts and evokes parents to give up their sons and daughters in service of her...

I wrote this September 11, 2010, but always enjoy sharing it on the 4th of July.  I can't help but feel the same and it's one of my more popular reads on Scribd.  ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The POWER of a Substitute Teacher

I think I was in my freshman year of High School when I had a substitute Teacher by the name of Mr. Detar.  He was filling in for my poetry class while my Teacher was on leave.

After writing a few poems, Mr. Detar asked me if I would like to send them out for a contest.  I was extremely shy and told him that I didn't want to.  He told me that my poems were that good and that I might be able to make some money for them.  Again, I told him that I couldn't do that.  Even though I didn't know Mr. Detar that long, he made an impact in my life.  For the first time, I felt that I might have a gift in writing poetry.

My life took a turn and I later went to work as a Secretary right out of High School.  After my third daughter was born I chose to become a stay-at-home mom and also had one more daughter.

The desire for writing was planted deep in my soul, from Junior High and High School creative writing Teachers, to Mr. Detar.  I did dabble with poetry off and on throughout the years and sent a few out to various publications, but could not resist the temptation to include two poems within my book ~ Legend of the Mer.

So thank you Mr. Detar wherever you are!  ;)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

If They Only Knew

Dreaming is easy; it's the writing that seems to take hours to convey what you have seen.  If your readers only knew all that was put into creating this work of art.

If you're feeling like your in the dungeon of creation, you're not alone!  Lol!  It's in these times that you are creating your Masterpiece!  Writing is another form of art and we can all make something beautiful if we keep on writing!

Sometimes I feel like a surgeon, cutting away all that is not necessary.  I will rewrite a sentence five different ways before I can believe what my character is saying.

Writing takes time, patience and practice.  In the end, it will all be worth it if we can make someone smile!  ;) 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award

I would like to thank Julie Farrar of Traveling Through for nominating the She Writes Blooming Late Group for the Beautiful Blogger award!  If you get a chance, check-out her blog!  Now for the requirements of the gift bestowed:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Share 7 random things about yourself.
3. Nominate 7 fellow bloggers for the Beautiful Blogger award.
4. Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
5. Include the award images in your blog post.

Here's my 7 random things:

1. I love to mix up red hot candies, 1tsp of instant coffee & 1pk of instant hot cocoa together for a treat.  :p

2. I love to watch classic films on a rainy day (Wizard of OZ, Shirley Temple, Little Women, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, or any Danny Kaye, Judy Garland or Doris Day).

3. My husband enjoys looking up his genealogy.  Can anyone guess the famous person he's related to???

4. I make the Hershey's Chocolate Cake (recipe on the back of the box) each year around my birthday, only now they've come out with the special dark cocoa that I love even more.

5. Grandchild #9 is on the way ~ Should arrive some time in November!  ;)

6. The sequel I'm writing continues the story of my main character, but also from the point of view of her half-brother.

7. God makes me smile and I share that with everyone else.  :)

Now for my seven nominees:

1. Michael Offutt is a blogger of wit and humor.  He's the author of the new Sci-Fi novel Slipstream. 

2. Christine Rains is a blogger, paranormal romance author and geek mom.  You can find her at Christine Rains - Writer.

3. Jenny Morris She's a YA Fiction blogger who's also a Rock Star Ninja with wings over at Jenny's imaginary world.

4. Coleen Patrick is a contemporary YA blogger and completely doing research to stay up on the latest craze!  Lol!  You can see her at Coleen Patrick. 

5. David Powers King who is an aspiring MG/YA Sci-Fi Writer.  He's often at the same sites I visit giving encouragement to other writers.  Check his blog out at David Powers King. 

6. Fairview is a blogger that is always handing out encouragement.  She writes from the perspective of the Citizens of Fairview USA.  Check her out at View from Fairview. 

7. Alex J. Cavanaugh is the Sci-Fi author of CassaStar and CassaFire.  He's always giving a review of the latest movie and I always have to read them!  Check his blog out at Alex J. Cavanaugh.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day!  For those who are one and also those who are celebrating one!  

I will be enjoying mine with my daughters and grandchildren, except for my daughter and family in California.  Thankfully, she is there to celebrate with my own mother.  I am thankful that they have each other on this day.

Have a blessed Weekend!  ;)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Qualilty Time

My Sweetheart is on vacation this week so we will be enjoying some quality time together and working outside.  The weather here in the Blue Ridge has turned beautiful and there is much yard work needing to be done.  Hope all of you have a wonderful week as well!  ; )

Monday, April 23, 2012



The story behind the story

My Church is doing the “ONE MONTH TO LIVE” series and it’s really making people think.  But, I already know what I would do, because I already did it.  You see, I was diagnosed with cancer just before I published my book.  I have to say that I was more determined to see it published than ever during those dark days.

I not only wanted to make my life-dream a reality, since I had written the original story during my junior year of High School (1979).  But, I also wanted to leave behind a means for my grandchildren to know my heart if I wasn’t around to show them myself.

I never cared for bullies of any sort and written within the pages of my book you will see my main character Lana struggling with her differences and empowered when she discovers who she really is and the purpose for her life.  She has the opportunity to meet others that are different from her and she learns to love them as herself.  She also learns to care for the environment, especially the ocean where she eventually comes to live.

I taught my daughters to respect themselves and our planet and to respect and be kind to others also.  I believe that they lived that out well as they were growing up and becoming women themselves.  I am confident they will continue to teach my grandchildren to do the same, but I also wanted to leave behind a lesson or two of my own.

Now that I’m living cancer-free, I’m enjoying the adventure of Princess Lana and Prince Titus all over again as I write the sequel.  There are more lessons to be learned and more characters to join in the journey, as they travel to Safe Harbor Island and to the South Pacific.  My plans are to have it completed by November (2012).  I hope you’ll join in the fun!  ; )


1         What was the inspiration for your book?
          There were many things; I think I’ve always been a people lover.  My parents taught my brother and me to love and respect everyone.  Even though I grew up knowing people with physical challenges/special needs, I realized at an early age that they might not be having the same experience in life I was because of their differences.  I saw other people who treated them cruelly.  I know that’s when my character Lana was born in my heart.
Later, between my sophomore and junior year of High School, I had the opportunity to be chosen to attend a Yearbook conference at the University of Hawaii.  That’s when my love for the Hawaiian Islands, her people, and the ocean birthed my mermaid story.  I would begin to write it that next year in my creative writing class.
2         What is your favorite scene from your book and why?
Oh my goodness, there are so many!  I’ve always liked the third chapter (The Mer) when Lana finds out the truth about herself; she puts her fingers to the stinging sides of her neck and feels the tiny open slits of her gills and says, “Okay, if this is real then I really must be part fish!”
3         What works in progress do you have?
          I’m currently writing the sequel (LEGEND OF THE MER II ~ The New Guardian).  The first book was written more from a teen girl’s perspective, so I decided to make the second from a teen guy’s.  He’s Lana’s half brother Jedediah.  I do also continue the story of Princess Lana and Prince Titus and the struggles they face in the mer Kingdom.
          Someday I plan to write an elven love story which is a combination of two stories I had written.  On my Pinterest, you will see several elves, fairies, etc. helping me to keep my muse at bay!  Lol!
          I also have a King, Queen, Knights, etc. story that I pretty much dreamed during the dark days before being diagnosed with cancer.  I guess it was my minds way of coping with the debilitating pain I was going through.  At least I could escape it through my dreams.  I even have a complete map of the castles/lands within my story that I drew in ink.
4         Which characters in your book do you like the most?
          Of course I like Lana; she’s comprised of me and my daughters.  I also like the wisdom of King Titan; there’s a bit of my grandmother in him.  Prince Titus is ever valiant and strong; which are some of my husband’s characteristics, but also some of my brother’s as well.  Prince Makoa is the comedian of the mer and he’s from the Native American descents that first married into the mer long ago.  He’s also a pretty tough guy.
5         Who is your favorite author and why?
          I would have to say J.R.R. Tolkien; a close second is C. S. Lewis.  I had read the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy at the age of 9.  There-in began the creation of my own fantasy worlds.  Elves were my first love (my husband knows this) and I can see some of that inspiration in my mer.
6         What is your favorite movie ~ the one you can watch over and over again?
          Not a hard one to figure, definitely the Lord of the Rings trilogy and cannot wait for the Hobbit to be released.  I know they’re not entirely as Tolkien had written the story in the books, but at least we get a taste of his genius and enjoy a rather lavish get-a-way.
7         What do you hope readers will take with them from your writing?
          Just like Lana, I hope they’ll enjoy a wonderful adventure that takes them from Safe Harbor Island, NC to Kaloki Island in the South Pacific.  I love to encourage and make people smile.  I hope they’ll have a deeper appreciation of other people, no matter their differences and also the ocean as they experience life under the sea!  ; )

Thursday, April 19, 2012

GUEST BLOG ~ Barbara Ehrentreu

Today's Guest Blogger is a fellow She-Writer and member of the Blooming Late Group

Keeping Secrets
In the YA novel, If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor, the main character, Carolyn Samuels, has to keep a lot of secrets from her friends and family. Have you ever had to keep a secret? What was the reason?
Carolyn finds herself in the middle of a very bad situation. She learns a terrible secret about the mean girl who has been bullying her since middle school and she doesn’t know what to do about it. Jennifer Taylor, the mean girl, is no one to cross. So Carolyn starts doing things she would never do. She winds up doing things for Jennifer and she lies to her parents and her best friends. Yet she keeps the secret.
Should she have kept Jennifer’s secret? Maybe she should have told someone. If you find a person who has a serious problem, when is it right to tell on them so they can get help? Are you being helpful by keeping that person’s secret or are you hurting them by keeping the secret?
As the author I felt I had a responsibility to write this story as true to life as possible. In my own life I have had to keep secrets. Sometimes these secrets were very painful, yet my friend or relative depended upon me keeping that secret for them. I felt I could not let them down. Carolyn goes through a lot of soul searching about the secret and in the process of keeping the secret winds up needing to cover up more and more of her own activities to protect the secret. In other words, needing to keep the secret caused a series of events associated with the secret. None of the things that happen to Carolyn happened to me, and also I was a little older than she. But she does have some pretty tempting moments when all she needed to do was reveal Jennifer’s secret and her life would go back to normal.
Does she give Jennifer’s secret away and face the consequences or does she keep it? All the answers are in If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor released by MuseItUp Publishing and available at The Muse Bookstore and Amazon, Barnes and Noble and almost all other internet sources.
Carolyn Samuels is obsessed with the idea of being popular. She is convinced that the only thing keeping her from happiness is her too heavy for fashion body and not being a cheerleader. Hyperventilating when she gets nervous doesn’t help. When she is paired for a math project with the girl who tormented her in middle school, Jennifer Taylor, she is sure it is going to be another year of pain. With Carolyn’s crush on Jennifer’s hunky junior quarterback, Brad her freshman year in high school looks like a rerun of middle school. When Jennifer is the only student who knows why she fell in gym class, Carolyn is blackmailed into doing her math homework in return for Jennifer’s silence. Jennifer takes on Carolyn as a pity project since she can’t be seen with someone who dresses in jeans and sweatshirts. When Jennifer invites Carolyn to spend the night to make her over and teach her to tumble, Carolyn learns Jennifer’s secret and lies to her own friends to cover it up. Will Carolyn become a cheerleader and popular? Does she continue to keep Jennifer’s secret? Or will she be a target of this mean girl again?

Also please visit my blog, Barbara’s Meanderings:
Facebook Author Page::
Book Promo Group:

Please leave a comment about your own experience with secrets to be in the drawing to win a free ebook.

(I am giving away a free ebook to the person who wins the comment drawing)

Barbara Ehrentreu Bio
Barbara, a retired teacher with a Masters degree in Reading and Writing K-12 and seventeen years of teaching experience lives with her family in Stamford, Connecticut. When she received her Masters degree she began writing seriously. If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor, Barbara’s first YA novel, was published by MuseItUp Publishing, September 16th and was inspired by Paula Danziger. This novel recently won 2nd place in the Preditors & Editors Poll for the Best Young Adult Book of 2011. In addition, Barbara has a story in the anthology, Lavender Dreams, also published by MuseItUp Publishing. All proceeds from this anthology go to cancer research. Barbara also writes poetry and three of her poems are included in the anthology, Prompted: An International Collection of Poems, a collaboration of members of The Anthologists.  Her blog, Barbara’s Meanderings,, is networked on both Facebook and Blog Catalog. She hosts RRWL Tales from the Pages (Red River Writers Live Tales from the Pages) on Blog Talk Radio every 4th Thursday. In addition, her children's story, “The Trouble with Follow the Leader” and an adult story, “Out on a Ledge” are published online She has written book reviews for and several of her reviews have been on Acewriters and Celebrity CafĂ©. She is a member of SCBWI. Writing is her life!
If I Could Be Like Jennifer Taylor available from MuseItUp PublishingAmazon, Kindle, Nook.

Barbara's Meanderings

Red River Writers Live Tales from the Pages

NY Literature Examiner for

Feeling my old hatred of gym, I glance across the locker room and see Jennifer in red designer shorts and a tight sleeveless shirt to match. She's standing in front of the only mirror in the room turning back and forth.
Becky and I slide into our loose camp shorts and a T-shirt, and once they're on, we race onto the gym floor. Always better to be early for gym the first day.  You never knew what kind of teacher you'd have. My athletic ability is zero, so I don’t take chances. Once I was a few minutes late, and the gym teacher in middle school made me run around the gym ten times. It took me the whole gym period.
 "Maybe it won't be so bad this year, Carolyn." Becky always tries to cheer me up now. This wasn’t true a few years ago. I had to cheer her up a lot. Becky’s brothers are just turning five, and they’re both in kindergarten. Her mom remarried after being divorced for ten years. Becky was just getting used to her new stepfather when her mom got pregnant. I remember how miserable Becky was the first year of middle school when her mom spent so much time with her twin brothers and didn’t have enough time to help Becky with her homework. Luckily, Becky’s stepfather is a history teacher, so she got very interested in history and current events.

Becky and I sit on the low seats in the bleachers, but Jennifer and her group saunter into the gym and choose the highest seats avoiding the rest of us. Miss Gaylon, the gym teacher introduces herself and gives us a few minutes until the last stragglers come from the locker room.  For those few minutes, I almost feel comfortable. My breathing returns to normal. I hear giggles from Jennifer and her group, but I ignore it.

"Right, Becky, and maybe I'll learn to be a gymnast in ten minutes. Reality check, remember last year?"

"Okay, I'm hoping it won't be so bad."

"You mean like the dentist finding you only have one cavity and filling it the same day?"
"You’re so lame, Carolyn. Since we're all older, maybe she'll treat us differently. People change over the summer you know."
"Look at her, Becky."
Becky turns to look over at the group at the top of the bleachers and then turns back to look me in the eye. “You know you have to put that stupid day behind you.”
I pretend not to know what she’s talking about. “What stupid day?”
Like I don’t remember every detail.
“The zip line day.”
“Oh, that day,” I say with a combination grimace and smile. “The day I wound up having to climb off the platform. I wanted to bore a hole into the ground so I wouldn’t have to walk past them but couldn’t, and everyone screamed at me: ‘Breathe, Carolyn, breathe.’”
“You have to admit it was funny the way the gym teacher ran up the ladder like a squirrel to rescue you. Everyone laughed at how stupid she looked. Jennifer got the whole class going with that ridiculous ‘breathe, Carolyn, breathe.’” Becky looks behind her to Jennifer. “You know I wanted to run over and punch her, but I couldn’t because I was still on the platform, and it was my turn to go.”
“Yeah, if I had a few more minutes, I would have been able to get up the courage to grip the zip line and hook myself to it. Stupid teacher didn’t give me a chance. This not breathing thing when I get nervous really sucks.”
Becky nods because she knows me so well.
“So then Jennifer started with that horrible chant, and of course, the whole class followed her, like always.” My eyes fill with tears as I remember, and my breathing is getting worse by the minute.
“I thought it was a dumb idea to do ropes course stuff in school. We did it at my camp the summer before, and no one was forced to do it. Anyone could get nervous with Jennifer in front of them,” Becky comforts me.
I continue talking as if I’m in a trance. “Remember how last year whenever I ran into Jennifer she would whisper ‘breathe, Carolyn, breathe,’ so no one could hear it except me. Once she did it just before I had to go up in front of the class in math.   Sometimes she would do it in front of everyone and, of course, get a big laugh while I wanted to turn into a piece of furniture.”
Becky grabs my arm.  “Do we have to go back over this again? You need to forget about it.” She takes her hand away from my arm as I continue to speak.
“Becky, I can’t. The thing is it’s this bad movie in my brain looping the same horrible scenes. The funny thing is, most of the time, she would ignore me. I would never know what she was going to do. You have to admire someone so single-minded she managed to get to me at just the right time.
You remember don’t you? And today did you see how she wore the same outfit as me? It’s spooky.”
My funny breathing returns as Miss Gaylon tells us to line up on the yellow line alphabetically. I hope there will be someone to go between Jennifer and me. No luck. Jennifer is going to be behind me all year. I hold my breath. I couldn't stand more of the same this year. I pray for the day to end soon. A glance at my new watch shows me fifteen more minutes left of the period. Is Miss Gaylon's voice getting lower?  What is that pounding in my ears?
Jennifer turns to face me, and I hear, "Breathe, Carolyn, breathe.” Then my world turns black.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Laughter of Children and Clouds

I was talking with my mother the other night (who still works by the way) about how so many things have changed over the last 20 years or so.  She lives in California and I live in Virginia.  We talk nearly every evening; that alone was something that was not feasible in the past.  We both agreed that my grandparents would never believe, that we can not only take our pictures on our phones, but also print them out when we get home.  With all that new technology comes added work!  Lol!

We were discussing todays economy and how it must be hard on the elderly.  Most are living on a fixed income and they're not able to keep up with the cost of living.  We agreed that can get a person down these days.

Then we discussed the things that seem to lift your spirits no matter the situation.  We agreed that there is something about watching a toddler.  They are always so happy and laugh at any little thing.  She said that children are what keeps us young.

I know that I can just watch my grandchildren for hours playing with toys, animals and especially the great outdoors.  They remind us what it was like to be a child ourselves.  They seem to not have a care in the world and love every other child they come in contact with.

As I was pondering all this yesterday, I couldn't help but look up to see the puffy white clouds on a bright blue sky; I can also stare at them for hours and are ever amazed at their intricate and fluctuating patterns.  My brother and I used to lay in a grassy field as children and look up at them and try and guess what shapes they were.  They remind me that there are things bigger than myself or any problems that I might have.

Just thought I'd share that with you!  ; )

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Family Easter Tradition

Our Family celebrates Easter a little earlier than most; in fact, we celebrate on Palm Sunday.  The reason being that our five daughters and their families have other houses to visit and this way we get to slow down a little and enjoy the day together.

Also, many of our children have ministries of their own within their Church and this allows them freedom to do their ministries with one less obligation on that day.  I always say that my family are of the Levite sort.  We work in some capacity to help our Church family.

We did celebrate together with our kids and grandkids last week.  And it was a joyous time.  It always brings back memories of my own Easters with my grandparents.  We used to watch the Davey and Goliath programs, but the Easter one was always my favorite (Davey & Goliath Happy Easter).  I couldn't help but smile when I saw that my husband had put it on for my grandkids.  I felt like my grandmother was with us in this small way.

Hope you all have a Happy Easter!  ; )

Monday, March 26, 2012

Finding My Center

It can be so tempting to want to keep up with the latest technologies and get completely frazzled.  I've often thought about all that we Indie Authors do in today's world.  Really, we do it all!  Lol!

I've learned that sometimes you just have to slow down and enjoy a sunset, a walk on the beach, or even the laughter of your children/grandchildren.

When all is said and done, what memories are left?  I remember memories with my family.  Especially one fishing trip with just me and my dad.  We went on a deep sea fishing tour and we both sat on the bow of the boat as we passed under the golden gate bridge.

Even though my father provided for his family, he still took time off to enjoy life with us.  Those are the things I hold dear.  I've learned from he and my mother about celebrating life with faith, family and friends.

So if I'm not around all the social sites as often as some, you know that I'm probably playing pirates or reading with a grandchild or two.  Such are the things dreams are made of.  ; )

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Have you ever had one of those weeks that you just couldn't figure out what went wrong???  I have.

I returned home from a lovely vacation only to discover that the Leprechauns had messed with my book uploads.  I cannot explain how it happened, but hopefully I have managed to chase them all away!  Lol!

I am an indie publisher, so that does allow me to correct any mistakes within my book.  I am thankful that my readers post reviews that help me when I need it!  I respect them and are grateful for their input.

I tell my girls that in times of negativity, we need to allow it to make us better and not bitter.  There are lessons to be learned in all things.

My stories are like the journey I'm on in this life; we're constantly moving forward and there is always a smile or two to be found.  ; )

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Seaside Escape

Although I love the Blue Ridge Mountains, I would have to say that Ocracoke Island, NC is definitely my second favorite place in all of America (tying with Hawaii).  At this time of year, it was a sleepy little town that was just beginning to open up shops and restaurants.

 We enjoyed eating at the Dajio and also the Pony Island.  Our favorite shops were the Mermaid's Folly (of course), the Pirate's Chest, and had to make a stop at the Surf Shop.  Will there be a surfer in my sequel???

 We stayed at the Lightkeeper's Guest House and have to thank Ruth Fordon once again, for opening up early.  My husband and I felt as though we were on a second honeymoon.  Our first was spent at Carmel, California.  There are so many similarities for us; the kindness of the people, the gourmet foods & lovely shops, not to mention the beautiful seaside.

We hated to leave, but home we are.  Now we have lovely memories to keep us warm!

I hope some of you check it out!  ; )

Saturday, March 3, 2012

What a ride!

I have been having so much fun with the relaunch of my book!  I know that some of you might be shocked to see a goth girl on the cover!  Lol!  But, that really is how I imagine my merwalker to look.  Its so amazing to see your character come to life before your eyes.

I want to thank Derek Murphy (Creativindie Book Covers) again for doing such a great job in making my cover image even better than I ever imagined it could have been.

Now for some much needed R & R with my Sweetheart and collecting on a belated birthday gift.  Yes, there is some sand and surf in there somewhere.

Have a great week everyone!  ; )

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I am so excited to have my merwalker on the cover of my book.  I have just a few edits more and I will be uploading it to all of my sights.  My cover was designed through Creativindie Book Cover and they did such a wonderful job!

I wanted to show it to you all now!  ; )

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Heart Shaped Box

When I was a little girl, my dad would always get a small heart shaped box of candy for me when he also gave one to my mom.  He'd even give her flowers, but make sure to take out one for me.  Its amazing how one thoughtful gift could mean so much.

When my girls were little and up until they had a sweetheart of their own, my husband also gave each of them a small heart shaped box of candy for valentines, carrying on the tradition that my father started so long ago. 

May my daughters carry it on to their daughters and they in turn to theirs.  Our fathers are the first to show us love and what that looks like.  No wonder so many women grow up to marry a man just like their dad.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day and know that you are loved!  ; )

Thursday, January 26, 2012

HERE BURNS MY CANDLE by Liz Curtis Higgs

My youngest daughter bought me this book for Christmas and its sequel (Mine is the night) by Liz Curtis Higgs.  I am rather enjoying it.  She has me guessing at several intervals how the story will end???
Its set within 1745 Edinburgh Scotland.  Her main character is Lady Elisabeth Kerr and she is on a difficult journey of discovery, love, perseverance and faith.
The rich details of culture and scenery are delightful and I am also enjoying learning about the area from Liz Curtis Higgs' Facebook page.  She has several photos of Scotland from her recent travels.
I highly recommend it!  ; )