Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Family Easter Tradition

Our Family celebrates Easter a little earlier than most; in fact, we celebrate on Palm Sunday.  The reason being that our five daughters and their families have other houses to visit and this way we get to slow down a little and enjoy the day together.

Also, many of our children have ministries of their own within their Church and this allows them freedom to do their ministries with one less obligation on that day.  I always say that my family are of the Levite sort.  We work in some capacity to help our Church family.

We did celebrate together with our kids and grandkids last week.  And it was a joyous time.  It always brings back memories of my own Easters with my grandparents.  We used to watch the Davey and Goliath programs, but the Easter one was always my favorite (Davey & Goliath Happy Easter).  I couldn't help but smile when I saw that my husband had put it on for my grandkids.  I felt like my grandmother was with us in this small way.

Hope you all have a Happy Easter!  ; )

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