Thursday, September 2, 2021

It's been a while


What a year this has been.  The thing which took the wind out of my sails was my youngest daughter above and little granddaughter were in a terrible accident in January 2020.

Each were in separate hospitals with serious injuries.  I did a lot of praying.

My little granddaughter liked to help take my Christmas decorations down.  I promised her in the hospital I would keep my artificial tree up till she could come next.

Little did I know it would be months before that happened.  I was so thankful each had healed completely.

In the end we all laughed and decided to put a sheet over it and enjoy it again the next year.

My grandsons thought it rather ghostly on Halloween.

As soon as they all left I promptly removed the sheet and it was Christmas once more.

The photo above was taken about that time.

Thank you God :)