Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Unseen Scars

Those of you who have read my Legend of the Mer book series know my character Will Prentis has a pretty visible scar.

Some scars are hidden and no one sees them. 

It's like after the snow falls here in the Blue Ridge Mountains and covers up the imperfections on the ground.

The unseen scars are just as real as the seen.

I think those scars may take even longer to heal due to our pretending they don't exist.

As I'm writing the fourth book in the series, my character is learning to move forward and accept his scar, but it's taken him awhile to do it.

He's learning to take time to heal and let go of the fear of yesterday and embrace the hope of tomorrow.

My prayer is that anyone struggling with their scars will have the strength to do the same.