Tuesday, June 28, 2011


It doesn't matter if its your first daughter, middle or last; there is nothing like watching your daughter walk down the isle with your husband bringing her to her waiting groom.  To say that this would be a Cinderella moment is an understatement; as Christians, this is one of the most Holy of events.  The two unions of bodies and souls coming together in the sight of friends and loved ones.  Making a sacred vow to God and to each other to love, honor and to cherish until death should separate them.

You know that you've done your best to raise her and instill in her what it is to be a help mate to her husband.  You pray for their continued happiness and most definitely for the grandchildren that you hope they will bring!  Lol! But most of all, you pray that they will continue to allow the leading of the Holy Spirit into their lives.  You pray that they will include God in every one of their decisions and to even put Him before themselves; if they do, then you know that they will be blessed and that their love for each other will endure.

Now you must learn to step back a bit and allow your daughter time to begin her new life without your ready advice, but thankful for the occasional phone call requesting it!  Lol!  Yes, you could say that I am still basking in *mother-of-the-bride bliss*.  What an honor it was to attend such a beautiful wedding.  : )