Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Magical Days

I was a single mom working as a secretary at a loan office when I met my future husband John.  This is the engagement photo we took for him. To say he dove in deep is an understatement, lol.

We made a choice after we were married I would become a stay-at-home mom (yes I was an intelligent woman with other dreams, but this was my first dream).  We also planned to have another child one day.

Only two years later and another little girl was added to the mix.

I loved being a stay-at-home mom though it wasn't always easy.  Finances seemed to always be tight. Whichever car broke down became my car. Eventually we would sell the irreparable one which left me most the time without a car.

There were moments rising up within my soul to write again and I did write a few poems, short stories, but I knew that could all wait until my girls didn't need me so much.

What amazes me is that these days flood back into my memories so clearly; they are so special.  I call them ripples in time, because we were jumping, lol, dancing, singing, laughing, storytelling, playing games and wrestling (yes girls really do wrestle).

I've always called the girls *my little women* because that's what they were to me; little women in training.

I knew I was investing the very best of me into them. Not only teaching them to crawl, walk, talk, run, swim, dance, play games indoors and outdoors, but also do chores, laundry, cooking, how to save money in their piggy banks; most importantly to have fun along the way.

Even then I was a fantasy writer in my mind who enjoyed telling them wondrous stories of which they liked to play dress up and imagine they were Princesses.

When life would get really rough and I needed a break we would lie down very still on my bed with facials or newly painted nails; soon they would fall asleep.

Other days when things got a little crazy I would begin to sing this song while cleaning the kitchen very loudly:

OH NO! I forgot the dishes
Laundry, forgot my bed
There's still so much work to do
Oh my aching head!
But I love you, I love you
I really, really do
And I pray that God will guide me
To do the best for you
Yes I love you, I love you
I really, really do
And I pray that God will guide me
To do the best for each of you

By now each girl would run into the kitchen with bright smiles and begin to dance around together while I sang.

My oldest daughter lives in California and is a Caterer, a Secretary, married to a Worship leader who is soon to become a Pastor. She has two children.

These are my other daughters, the second from the left is my so called *adopted* daughter.  God was good to me and didn't replace my oldest here in Virginia where I live, but made her absence a little easier with her addition.

As you can see there's still a lot of silliness in this family; a lot of singing, dancing, game nights and of course wrestling, but mostly with their children, lol.

They together have 9 children and one foster.  Two are Teachers, one is a Nurse and one is a Bank Manager.

I believe my investment was worth every minute and we all together are creating Magical Days of our own.  ;)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Why I love being an Indie Author


Legend of the Mer series

The Hart of Telendaria
An Elven Love Story

The reason I became an Indie Author was because I had always been an Indie Writer although I must say it was mostly in my mind since childhood.

Though I tried to publish traditionally that path was closed for me.

I began to realize just as a painter has to paint, a writer has to write.

I saw myself as an artist in my own right and began to publish as an Indie Author.

Although a shy person, I began to realize how the world had changed to allow me to express myself from behind a keyboard, lol.

I love the freedom to write my fantasy stories the way I see them.  I've heard so many different views on the proper way to write.

Bottom line, I love being able to tell and show.  I love being able to give points of view not only from my main character, but also minors as well.

I love speeding up within my story where I might think it boring to my readers and I love slowing down when I have something I think they'll like.

I'm not the big *W* kind of writer where the plot has to be laid out a certain way.

I write what comes to me, some might say a *seat of a pants* sort of writer, but I love it being real and authentic.

I do research for my writing, but only as it pertains to what I'm writing about, however, most of my writing is fantasy of my mind and the research confirms what I'm writing about.

I love the freedom of not doing a lot of book signings, again public speaking is not easy for me and my husband will usually join me.

I'm thankful to be allowed to write my stories and publish them for my grandchildren to read one day as a way to know me if I'm not around.

My beloved grandmother died when my children were little, thankfully we do have some home video for them to know and remember her.

After you've had cancer you pretty much keep your affairs in order and think of the future a little more.

All in all I love being an Indie Author for many reasons.  ;)