Monday, July 25, 2011

LEGEND OF THE MER ~ Seahorse Lullaby

Within my book (Legend of the Mer) there are two songs that the Mermaids sing.  One of them is called the Seahorse Lullaby.  I was nearly ready to publish my book when one of my daughters told me that she was pregnant.  She was hoping to have a girl, but after having four daughters of my own and already 3 grandsons, I told her that I thought that God was paying me back in grandsons!  Lol!  He surely did and Mr. Curly was born not long after.  Its no wonder that I often think of him when reading this Lullaby.  I love you Mr. Curly! ; )

Sleep peacefully my little one
Now cradled in my arm
I pray you will have sweet dreams this night
Kept safe from any harm
May you dream of many Seahorses
Rocking and twirling all around
All their friends have come to play
Though they do not make a sound
I have asked them not to wake my Prince
For you need this time to rest
So they quietly dance the night away
For they know that it is best
So sleep peacefully my little one
Now cradled in my arm
I pray you will have sweet dreams this night
Kept safe from any harm 

Friday, July 22, 2011

When Your Granddaughter Is Born

I had the pleasure of meeting my new granddaughter yesterday.  She is such a tiny thing that I can't help but call her Sweet Pea.  What a God moment it is to see one of your babies having a baby.  When you have a child of your own it is such a wonder, but it is so amazing how the blessing continues to be birthed.  Just when you think that the future is starting to look a little bleak, God allows another soul to be born and hope is renewed.  You can't help but sense the Holiness of God and remember that Jesus himself came as such a little one.

Just before I left to go home, I leaned down closely to Sweet Pea and told her that she was her Granny's precious baby girl and she beamed a bright smile.  I've heard it said that it's just gas at that age.  Lol!  But, somehow I think she knew that she would steal her Granny's heart just as her mother did with her smile so long ago.

I love you Sweet Pea and am looking forward to what the future holds for us and to having you along on this beautiful journey!  : )

Monday, July 4, 2011


What is it about this Great Nation of America that stirs our hearts and evokes parents to give up their sons and daughters in service of her defense?  I think it is the whispers of our forefathers that compel us to be the Great Nation that they had intended; from George Washington, to Abraham Lincoln, and to Thomas Jefferson.

 We are a Nation blessed by the Almighty God and His mighty stretched out arm defends her still.  Whether we be rich or poor, no matter the color of our skin, or the length of ancestry that binds us to these shores; we are a free people.

Our land has been fought for by the blood and limb and life of those who answered the call to protect their homeland and those whom they loved.  Yes, she is stained and blessed, by the sacrifice of so many.  May God continue to bless those who fight for her still and the families of the fallen in her service.

We have seen peace and times of calamity; however, one moment we are strangers, and the next bonded brothers in a common cause to fight for justice; how well we have seen that played out in our Great Nation time and time again.

People from all corners of the world still believe in the dream and the hope that living in this great United States of America offers them; for they are coming still.  May we ever be the bright and shining light that the Statue of Liberty continues to represent.

From West Coast, to Gulf Coast, to East Coast, and the Mountains and Valleys between; we have a Nation of beauty and bounty.  May our children hold true to the values that make us who we are and who we have been.  May neighbor help neighbor and may our Government continue to listen to the people in which they represent. 

May our flag continue to wave proudly and the pledge that binds us hold true.  May we continue to sing of our Sweet Land of Liberty and may God’s grace continue to shine upon us from Sea to shining Sea!

                                                                                    Sheri L. Swift