Sunday, February 25, 2024

An Early Spring


Nothing like an early Spring to make you shake off the frost and head outside to see those early morning rays of the Sun.

Things pretty much remain green here in the Blue Ridge with the Pines and Grasses.  The Oak, Maple, Poplar and Dogwoods remain bare for a little longer.

Looking forward to completing my fourth in the Legend of the Mer series.

Thank you for being patient with me while I finish Will's story.

Happy Spring 💮

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Song of the Coyotes

Song of the Coyotes 

Each night I lay my head down

Deep in the Winter chill

I hear a sound beginning which starts as a lonely shrill

It soon becomes a song with a high pitched two-tone

A few join in to say you're not alone

Several more add their voices high and strong

Now all the woods are singing the Coyotes song

It's a sweet sound to me and soon I drift off with the tune

I dream of them singing together beneath the Winter moon

The Coyotes are Guardians of the highest ridge top

May their wild song continue and never stop

I pray God will keep them safe and forever free

May they always sing their Coyotes song to others and to me 

- Sheri L. Swift

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Winter Musings


Winter Musings

Some days are ordinary
Some extraordinary
Some bleak
Some spectacular
I suppose life is like that
You never know what to expect
Just when I think the sun is gone
And the spark with it
Comes a new snow day
With it's soft billowy snowflakes
Some days it's quiet
Except for the laughter of children
Some nights are filled with mist
All the worlds asleep
Other nights the storm rages
With whipping wind
The torrents of ice mixed in
Bangs hard against my window
And I'm awake
I pray
I sleep
A new day dawns 
How marvelous it is

- Sheri L. Swift

Monday, December 20, 2021

The Season of Joy


Choosing Joy

I've learned in my nearly 60 years that joy is a choice sometimes rather it be during an every day occurrence or a Holiday.

It's been a rough year for me, in fact a few.  I've been tired without knowing exactly the reason and times of extreme pain.

I discovered I had a tumor recently which was removed and it had a lot to do with my illnesses.

My firstborn daughter and family moved to VA nearer where I live. We got to spend Christmas for the first time with my Son-in-love and two Grandsons.

We had Christmas early this year so everyone of us could be a part of it and a few new friends as well.

Something amazing happens when I'm with my kids and grands.  I choose joy and everything else seems to disappear for awhile. 

I don't know what the future holds but I'm spending this new energy writing as much as I can. 

Pray you have the very best Christmas and a joyful season ;) 










Saturday, October 23, 2021

HOAX By Leanna Sain

Hoax (Amelia Island Suspense Book2)


Soon-to-be bride, Lacey Campbell, discovers a secret just days before her wedding causing her to doubt everything she's always believed about her family.

When her strange premonitory dreams begin again - visions of snarling canines and dangerous Inuit Knives - past experience tells her that danger isn't far behind.  With her police-chief fiancé, Ford Jamison, she struggles to preserve her famous grandfather's legacy while searching for a possible claimant to his estate.

As she pursues the truth, she risks losing everything - her future with Ford, her precious restaurant, Black Pearl and even her life.  Can she escape the peril, outwit her hidden adversary, and reveal the biggest Hoax of all?

  By Leanna Sain

My Author friend Leanna Sain is at it again with her 2nd book in the Amelia Island Suspense.  Can't wait to check this one out.  Amazon is taking preorders now with a release date of November 16th.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

It's been a while


What a year this has been.  The thing which took the wind out of my sails was my youngest daughter above and little granddaughter were in a terrible accident in January 2020.

Each were in separate hospitals with serious injuries.  I did a lot of praying.

My little granddaughter liked to help take my Christmas decorations down.  I promised her in the hospital I would keep my artificial tree up till she could come next.

Little did I know it would be months before that happened.  I was so thankful each had healed completely.

In the end we all laughed and decided to put a sheet over it and enjoy it again the next year.

My grandsons thought it rather ghostly on Halloween.

As soon as they all left I promptly removed the sheet and it was Christmas once more.

The photo above was taken about that time.

Thank you God :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Remembering Grandpa

The other day like always I picked some of the blue Hydrangeas growing in my garden for my 4th of July table.

I especially planted blue Hydrangeas some 20 years ago in memory of my Grandpa McLain.  He always had them in his front yard.

From my earliest memory of him I couldn't wait for him to walk in the front door.  Some days I ran into the yard as he got out of his car.

The reason being from the moment he grabbed me up he would twirl me around in the air or by hand on the floor.

I felt as if he were Fred Astaire and I Ginger Rogers dancing away in perfect step.

He made me smile, he made me laugh.

He always had a dance in his step and a kindness to everyone he met. No one was a stranger to him.

It's his bright smile and a tune he whistled all the day long I will also never forget.

The Hydrangeas with their pom pom shapes remind me of Grandpa cheering me on, "You got it Kid."  ;)