Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Remembering Grandpa

The other day like always I picked some of the blue Hydrangeas growing in my garden for my 4th of July table.

I especially planted blue Hydrangeas some 20 years ago in memory of my Grandpa McLain.  He always had them in his front yard.

From my earliest memory of him I couldn't wait for him to walk in the front door.  Some days I ran into the yard as he got out of his car.

The reason being from the moment he grabbed me up he would twirl me around in the air or by hand on the floor.

I felt as if he were Fred Astaire and I Ginger Rogers dancing away in perfect step.

He made me smile, he made me laugh.

He always had a dance in his step and a kindness to everyone he met. No one was a stranger to him.

It's his bright smile and a tune he whistled all the day long I will also never forget.

The Hydrangeas with their pom pom shapes remind me of Grandpa cheering me on, "You got it Kid."  ;)