Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Pause For Thanksgiving

Too many times while traveling down life's highway we forget to take a pause and not only see the things around us, but to also listen and feel them.

Some of the next generation may never hear the rustle of leaves falling or a bird singing unless they see it on a screen.

Living in the state of Virginia I'm blessed to see the contrast of colors the leaves display this time of year.

I hope there will always be some who will dare to venture outdoors and feel the crunch of the fallen leaves, the morning dew upon the grass.

I hope there will still be birds nesting in very tall trees singing their happy songs.

Fresh air and the feel of a passing breeze through the pines letting loose their fragrance.

Also the smell of wood smoke from someone warming by a fire.

The rows of orange pumpkins growing on hill upon hill.  The feeling of straw in your hair after a hayride.

I'm thankful for these things, but also for teachers who will teach others about them and their importance.

For now I take joy seeing my children and grandchildren also enjoying all that nature has to offer on these fine fall days.

I'm also looking forward to gathering together to celebrate a time of family and God's bounty of food.

An Autumn Sunset
When first I saw an Autumn sunset
I thought perhaps I was dreaming
How rich the red and amber colors
Through trees the sunlight streaming
I thought I saw a glimpse of Heaven
Shining through the crisp blue skies
I realized it was a gracious gift
Given to those who would open their eyes

~ Sheri L. Swift