Friday, June 14, 2019

The Old Chair In The Corner

When my husband and I bought our home I looked at the house plans for hours.  I imagined where each piece of furniture would go.

In the corner of the dining room I knew one day I would purchase a grandfather clock and place it there.

As time passed my husband came across this old solid redwood chair at a bargain.  I planned on placing it out on the front porch.

The richness of the redwood and my love for the Calaveras Big Trees from my former state of California kept me from putting it outdoors.

It soon became invaluable for another seat at the dining room table.

Our daughters and their friends played games or put together large puzzles.

As our family grew and our daughters married it was even more necessary for an extra seat so we could all sit down and eat together.

Now adding grandchildren to the mix it is still used for all the above.

No I never got a grandfather clock but what I have is so much more valuable  :)