Thursday, September 2, 2021

It's been a while


What a year this has been.  The thing which took the wind out of my sails was my youngest daughter above and little granddaughter were in a terrible accident in January 2020.

Each were in separate hospitals with serious injuries.  I did a lot of praying.

My little granddaughter liked to help take my Christmas decorations down.  I promised her in the hospital I would keep my artificial tree up till she could come next.

Little did I know it would be months before that happened.  I was so thankful each had healed completely.

In the end we all laughed and decided to put a sheet over it and enjoy it again the next year.

My grandsons thought it rather ghostly on Halloween.

As soon as they all left I promptly removed the sheet and it was Christmas once more.

The photo above was taken about that time.

Thank you God :)

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  1. what a wonderful story — and beautiful ending, i’m so happy everyone is healthy again

    and what a terrific idea to use an artificial tree year round! put flowers & colorful eggs in it for spring, leave it plain green or sunny decorations like sunglasses and sand shovels for summer, ghostly sheet or lots of fall and halloween decorations for Fall, and then Xmas again! I like it!

    Tara Tyler Talks