Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Laughter of Children and Clouds

I was talking with my mother the other night (who still works by the way) about how so many things have changed over the last 20 years or so.  She lives in California and I live in Virginia.  We talk nearly every evening; that alone was something that was not feasible in the past.  We both agreed that my grandparents would never believe, that we can not only take our pictures on our phones, but also print them out when we get home.  With all that new technology comes added work!  Lol!

We were discussing todays economy and how it must be hard on the elderly.  Most are living on a fixed income and they're not able to keep up with the cost of living.  We agreed that can get a person down these days.

Then we discussed the things that seem to lift your spirits no matter the situation.  We agreed that there is something about watching a toddler.  They are always so happy and laugh at any little thing.  She said that children are what keeps us young.

I know that I can just watch my grandchildren for hours playing with toys, animals and especially the great outdoors.  They remind us what it was like to be a child ourselves.  They seem to not have a care in the world and love every other child they come in contact with.

As I was pondering all this yesterday, I couldn't help but look up to see the puffy white clouds on a bright blue sky; I can also stare at them for hours and are ever amazed at their intricate and fluctuating patterns.  My brother and I used to lay in a grassy field as children and look up at them and try and guess what shapes they were.  They remind me that there are things bigger than myself or any problems that I might have.

Just thought I'd share that with you!  ; )


  1. This evening, while she was swinging and I was resting after a strenuous mowing session,my daughter Annalise, who will be 8 in July, pointed out the loveliness ofthe clouds framing the settling sun.

    Later, we spotted Venus, and she practiced some leaps with her imaginary wolfpup, Clara.

    I am so blessed to be able to spend so much of my time with Lise and her 10 year old brother, Jeremiah.

    Neither of them have lost that little-kid wonder - it's just grown along with them. =D

    I loved reading your post, and the way it reminded me of the sweetness of my life.

  2. I didn't realize it wouldn't print my name! I am Shan Jeniah, and it's a pleasure to meet you. =)

  3. Thank you Shan, it's a pleasure to meet you also. ;)

    1. I was able to stay home with my girls for the majority of their lives and it was the sweetest time of all. They truly inspire us with their imagination! ;)

  4. It was a gentle post, so warm and kind. Thank you, Sheri.