Monday, August 20, 2012

When all you can do is PRAY

I write a lot about choosing joy inspite of our circumstances and I always have before, even through battling cancer.  I've had several situations where I had no control of the situation and had to rely on God for help whether it be physical, financial, relational.

For the last two months I have had odd things going on, but didn't pay attention to them; I saw someone with a flashlight in our back woods and thought it a hunter who strayed into my property, on a July night I heard whispers in the woods and thought it some teens playing moon-doggy, one night after getting out of the shower I thought I saw a light pass under my locked bathroom door and that same evening my husband told me that I left the computer and light on in our office.  I had all the warnings, but paid little attention to them.

I'm originally from California where the crime rate was higher than the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, but I still lock my doors.  I always tell everyone I know, "Hey anyone can be living here, there are a lot of transplants, I'm one of them!"  Lol!  I also believe these are desperate times with the unemployment so high.

Wednesday was pretty much like any other, I had gone into my bedroom to read and I locked my door.  I was awake when I heard someone in my house.  I thought I had lost track of time and went to unlock the door for my husband.  Before I got to it the doorknob began to turn; my husband would never do that and I wondered if one of my kids were playing around (who by the way have homes of their own, but still have a key to mine).  I said, "Kock it off, who is that?"  No one answered, but now the lock began to turn.

I quickly grabbed onto the lock and held it firmly and turned on my bedroom light.  It didn't stop whoever it was, they kept trying to turn it.  In that moment fear began to rise, I couldn't get to my cell phone without letting go of the lock.

In that moment, I talked (prayed) to God.  I said, "Is this it?  If it is your will then I'm ready to go home."

God spoke to my spirit and said, "No."

"But I'm weak Lord."

"Fight for your children to have a mother, fight for your grandchildren to have a grandmother, fight for the book you haven't written that will touch someone's heart."

"Then give me the strength of David, give me the strength of Samson."

Then I felt this overwhelming peace and strength and anger that they were trying to rob those I love!  I thought about how I battled through cancer so that I would have more years with them.

I could hear someone else in the house quickly, but quietly looking through my things.  I know there was at least two of them.

I began to pretend like I was one the phone talking to one of my daughters and telling my sons-in-love (who are hunters) to bring it!  This went on for 25 minutes and then my husband came home and I heard them quickly running out the door.  I prayed that my husband would be safe and then I called the police.

I don't think anyone is prepared for a moment like that, I certainly wasn't.  At least seven police officers were at my home in minutes.  I don't think they took anything.  For now, the intruders have escaped.

Whenever I hear someone saying that they're going through a tough time I tell them that God is bigger.  I know how I held that lock, because my wrist is still sore.  I know it was God helping me to do it and I am so thankful.

I was raised by a hunter and taught how to shoot from a BB Gun, Rifle and Black Powder.  I didn't like having weapons in my home while I was raising my children, but I definitely have a new perspective.  God also teaches us to be wise as foxes and I am better prepared, but know that it is God who ultimately watches over my home and helps me to get through all of my battles.

Did this shake me up?  Definitely, but inspite of it, I am choosing joy!  ;)

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