Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Song of the Mermaids

Thank you mighty Arius for all of the gifts you give
Thank you for the air which gives life to all
For the sun that gives warmth and strength
For the beauty of the moon and stars
For the blue seas depth and length
Thank you for the ebbing tides
From gentle currents to raging waves
For the crystal blue lagoons
For the hidden glistening caves
Thank you for the gift of family
For all of creation on land and in sea
For your mighty protecting hand
For your unending love for me
Thank you for my beating heart
For laughter and for sorrow
For the joy in each day
For the new Promise of tomorrow
Thank you for your guidance
For leading where I cannot see
For helping me through the storms
For choosing my destiny
May I live a life that is pleasing to you my maker and High King
~ Sheri L. Swift
Excerpt from my book Legend of the Mer

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