Monday, July 18, 2016

The Fairy Berry Briar

One evening while reading outdoors
I happened to look up
The Fairy Queen flew over the briar
She sat upon my Teacup
She had come to tell me
Elven Prince Iomhair was crowned 
In the Forest of Sidhean
Where the Fairies gathered round
After High Elven King Aidan proclaimed him King
Queen Alterra could not hold back her tears
For now her son had grown
How quickly had passed twenty years
His sister Princess Isobel
Reluctantly wished him well
King Iomhair smiled hearing her thoughts
For Elves can always tell
It was a sad parting for the High Elven King and Queen
As they and their daughter rode away
But they held Iomhair's love in their hearts
And knew they would return someday
Iomhair watched as they rode from his sight
He was determined to honor them
They had raised him for this moment
They had placed such trust in him
He would rule with his father's wisdom
And the heart of his mother's love
He would rule his Kingdom well
With the help of the Suthainn above
The Fairy Queen ending her tale flew up from my cup
She smiled flew over the briar and flitted away
I couldn't help but decide at that moment
I shall visit the Forest of Sidhean one day

- Sheri L. Swift
(Thoughts of Telendaria)

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