Saturday, July 25, 2015


I usually share one of the poems within my books and this is the latest one published from Legend of the Mer III Song of Sirens.

My character Lizzy wanted a way to remember such a special event.  She knew she couldn't write about it in her journal; someone might read it and find out about the Mer she and her family have sworn to keep secret for their protection.

She realized she could put it in a poem and no one would suspect it was real, just as she wrote about King Titan in a poem she wrote for a class project in Legend of the Mer II The New Guardian.

I dreamt I was a mermaid
With Seashell top and tail of blue-green
I was summoned to the marble Hall
I was brought before the King

He proclaimed me a Princess
And gave me a shiny crown
I saw the smiling faces
Of the Mer-folk gathered round

Music began to play
Within the marble Hall
The Mer began to dance
It was the Mermaids Ball

The mermen lined up to dance with me
How many I cannot tell
We twirled around in circles
When each merman swished his tail

We danced the hours away
They behaved themselves quite well
One even gave me a present
A small bright pink Seashell

When the musicians ceased their playing
a tour was offered to me
Within the coral reef gardens
Hidden deep below the Sea

Whenever I cannot sleep
Watching the clock upon the wall
I close my eyes and dream
Of dancing at the Mermaids Ball

Sheri L. Swift
Legend of the Mer III Song of Sirens

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