Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WISH by Leanna Sain

I've just finished reading WISH by Leanna Sain.  It was delightful with hints of Nancy Drew and Dickens all rolled up into one.

I could definitely see this on the Hallmark Channel one day as one of their Christmas movies.

I've always been a fan of Christmas in July; my children and I would turn our home into Christmas for at least one week during their summer break.  This book didn't disappoint in that regard.

It starts off with a seventeen year old girl Maddie McGuire who has been grieving the loss of her parents only to find out both of their deaths may not have been an accident.

Things happen when days before Christmas she makes a wish.  What follows is a week-long wild ride filled with dangerous twists and turns.

In the end will she face the same fate as her parents?

Leanna Sain lives in the mountains of North Carolina.  When she's not writing, she keeps busy as a free-lance portrait artist, co-owner of a retail store, and organic gardener.

Hope you add it to your reading list.  ;)