Monday, June 30, 2014

4th of July Memories ~ A poem

4th of July Memories
Rising before the sun
To watch the home-town parade
Soda pop for everyone
Looking for the shade
 Firing up the grill
Churning the ice cream
Squirt gun fights
Cheering on your team
Neighbors joining in
To taste the bounty laid
Sampling all the dishes
And scrumptious desserts made
Excitement building within
As we watch the setting sun
Blankets laid on the ground
There's room for everyone
The sound of cannons
Now fill the night sky
Sprays of light rocket
Exploding so high
Fireworks from small ones
To the largest ever seen
An array of colors
Red, blue, gold and green
The smiles on the little ones
Is such a beautiful sight
But even older ones
Enjoy this special night
We remember our history
And those who paid dearly
Who fought for freedom
Because freedom isn't free
The skies are silent now
The only light comes from the Moon
Children are put to bed
This night is gone too soon

- Sheri L. Swift


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  1. Believe it or not, as a pre-teen/teen I was twirling a baton & marching in some of those parades. As an older teen I was riding my half-arabian, half-quarterhorse in the parade for Rainbow Stables in California.