Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Dedicated to my Father

This is a picture of my backyard prayer garden, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I often go here to thank my Heavenly father and to pray for those I love, but I also think of my earthly father as well and how much he would have loved it here.

He was born in Missouri and his parents, along with him at the age of 8 and his two younger brothers, moved to the San Joaquin Valley of California.

My father told me it was hard for him to live in the valley of California.  Even at the age of 8 he had already been helping to hunt for his family's food supplement; now he was not allowed to hunt as he wished.

As my brother and I grew up, our family would go to the Sierra's twice a year to hunt deer, and made several camping trips around the lakes, creeks, rivers and Pacific Ocean near our area for fishing.

It was where my father felt most alive.  Like his Cherokee ancestors before him, he taught us all he knew of hunting, tracking and fishing, even deep Sea fishing.  
He used a bow, black powder and regular rifle.

He taught us to appreciate all of God's creation and provision for us and to never kill what we would not eat unless it was for protection and only after there was no other way; he proved it many times as we came upon bear, rattle snakes, etc. on some of our hikes into the forests.

It's no wonder one of my main characters is a skilled archer who loves the forests, rivers, glens and Sea.  And appreciates the simple things in life like music, laughter, love and family.

And it's no wonder why I dedicated my book to both my fathers.  ;)


  1. Well said, Sheri and I bet both your fathers gave each other a high five and said, "job well done, raising that girl." :)

  2. This was a moving post. I've always been moved by the spirituality of native Americans. Family legend has it that we are part Mohawk.

  3. Thank you Elizabeth, most did respect the earth and life and we can all learn from that. ;)