Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Looking through my window ;)

As I'm sipping my morning coffee and looking through my window, I can't help but hum a tune to a little song I created for my 3 year old grandson.

I wanted him to appreciate nature and to enjoy the view out his window and so a song was born:

Looking through my window
Looking through my window and what do I see?
Some mountains and some trees that are looking back at me
I wave hello and they wave in the wind
I'm so glad I have them for my friend

Now every time we're together we sing our little song.  ;)


  1. What sweet memories you are creating together. I used to make up songs with my girls all the time. Lovely view, BTW, no wonder you were inspired to sing about it.

  2. Thank you Ruth, my grandchildren inspiring me in so many ways; I guess its seeing things through their eyes again. We're never too old to appreciate nature. ;)