Monday, July 29, 2013

A Season Of Change

Transitions and changes are never easy for me.  I tend to be one of those who likes to settle in and hunker down, then God moves me out of my comfort zone.  Lol!

He often inspires me through music, forests like the Redwoods and Sierras of California and the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virgina, in all bodies of water; mountain streams, rivers and the vast Oceans and Seas with all the beautiful creatures within them.

I liken my journey through this life as sitting in a canoe and rowing through a river.  Sometimes I know the way, because I've been traveling the same course for a time.  Sometimes there's a new bend and I take it.

On other times the way is swift and I have to focus not to lose my balance.  On occasion, I come to rapids I didn't expect.

There are times God whispers to me that a change is coming, sometimes I hear Him and sometimes I'm not paying attention and I come to a bend with a rapid and am knocked from my canoe; in such cases I climb back in and hand over the oars to my Creator who knows the way I am going.  He allows me a time of rest before He encourages me to take the oars and begin the journey again.

The last few months have been such, and I'm rowing onward where no matter the course there are new experiences to have, people to meet and beautiful sights I might have missed if I wasn't willing to follow His lead.  I can be stupborn, but I learn to listen to my Captain.

I pray you'll have a safe journey fellow traveler and you'll also be willing to take a bend in the river!  ;)

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