Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A promise to Little Man

I'm not usually one for keeping the twelve days of Christmas, but this year is a little different.  For our Christmas celebration, Little Man along with his little sister and mother were to stay the night, but when his little sister got sick, his mommy decided to take them home.

Little man sat looking up to our large Nutcrackers on top of our bookshelves and said, "Granny will you please keep up those Nutcrackers for me to see one more time?" he said with the most pitiful face. 

"Yes, granny and papa will keep them up for one more visit so you can see them again," I easily said, then I began to wonder how long that might be???

Thankfully I have an artificial tree, so we've kept the lights burning waiting for Little Man's return.  They are coming for dinner this week and we will have one last Christmas celebration and I'm actually looking forward to it!  ;)  


  1. A sweet story! We still have our tree up and our house decorated...when you brush by the tree the needles fall. Soon it will all be boxed up. Happy New Year!

  2. Thank you Our Stories for stopping by. We used to buy a living tree each year & plant them after Christmas, but since the girls have moved out, we now have an artificial. I'm not looking forward to the boxing up part. Lol! Happy New Year to you also! ;)

  3. I hope you had a nice second Christmas celebration! And that the new year is treating you well. I don't think anyone in my family put up a tree this year--no one felt up to it. It's rather sad, now that I think about it...

  4. We had a wonderful celebration. My daughter told me that all Little Man did was talk about his special Christmas with granny & Papa that next day. The New Year is starting off well (other than power out for 3 days after a snow storm). That's sad, I guess sometimes I feel like that too, but after I do it I think it makes me feel better. Just something about colorful twinkling lights warms my spirit & then I break out the old Christmas movies & that especially makes me feel better.