Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Unknown

Shall I continue on this weary path
Or will I give into doubts
Not sure where it will lead 

Should I turn around
Or quickly move forward
Not allowing fear to plant its seed

I have walked and crawled
And laid down to rest
As the grade became too steep

I have ran and skipped
when the grade was easy
Even over ruts I would leap

I have walked in sunshine
And in the rain
And weathered a storm or two

I have tripped and fallen
And been beaten down
Only to rise and begin anew

I have seen beauty
And heard joyous laughter 
In many ways I have grown

I hold my head up high
And walk boldly on
Facing the great unknown


  1. beautiful, encouraging poem!
    thank you =)

  2. Thank you Tara, I guess it's about life in general or even my life as a writer! ; )

  3. This was lovely. It covers a writer's journey for sure!

  4. Thank you Elizabeth, I was feeling melancholy when a friend of mine posted the pic & I asked her if I could use it for my next blog! ; )

  5. This is a beautiful poem. Very well written and with a nice rhythm, and most of all it is so inspiring.

    Can I print this and frame it on the wall of my writing room? :)

  6. Thanks Nick, sure ~ I think that's a first! Glad you like it. ; )