Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Life Lessons from the front window ; )

In my living room, I have my sofa backed up to a large bay window that faces the front of my home.  I have a beagle that loves to lie in the sun behind the sofa.  One morning I saw that she had collected a few toys behind the sofa and I put them back under a chair in the den where she also likes to sleep and where we keep her things.

One day I noticed that a tin can that holds my coasters was not on the living room end table where I keep it.  Although I searched the house, even looking behind the sofa, I couldn't find it anywhere.  Later that night I thought that I heard the dog playing with the tin can, but when I came out and looked for it, I still could not find it.

Each day we noticed that one of her toys or an item from the house was missing and each day we began to look around the house, not finding any of them.  My husband called for our beagle one morning and couldn't find her.  He began to call out louder and thought he heard her behind the sofa.  When he looked he did not see her, but he did hear her.  All along she had been going through a slit in the back of the sofa and had created for herself a nice little hideaway complete with her stash of toys!  Lol!

We found that the back of the sofa had some wear from the sun and that is what allowed her to create a hideaway.  I had to laugh, all along we couldn't see what she was up to, but then I realized that the entire world could have been watching her!  Lol!  What a sight that must have been.

I guess that life can be like that sometimes.  Just when we think we've cleaned up nicely and have everything in its place, there might actually be a blind spot that we cannot see that might need some looking after.  All I can do is pray that the Lord gives me eyes to see where I need to be looking.

What about my sofa, for now my husband has patched it with some (yeah, you guessed it) duct tape!  Lol!  I told him that I discovered that there are actually different colors and patterns of duct tape now and that we might find one more suitable than the grey!  Lol!

Help me Lord to not only watch my back, but my forward as well!  ; )


  1. That was really cute and well written, too. I love stories like these, simple and to the heart. Dogs are special!! Loved this.

  2. Thank you Jeannie. She's quite spoiled, as all of our girls are moved out in homes of their own. ; )

  3. Hey Sheri, I'm part of your YA campaign group. This story cracked me up, and I can just picture the confusion y'all must have felt as things went missing and you heard strange noises. I read somewhere that Chicken Soup for the Soul is looking for stories about the crazy things dogs do. You should google it to read the guidelines because this story certainly seems like a match!

  4. Thank you Jocelyn. Yes, that Beagle of mine is quite a character! Lol! Thanks for the info! ; )

  5. Jocelyn, I did just send it in. Thanks again! ; )