Tuesday, October 26, 2010


What is it that makes my heart stir
In the autumn of the year
The hues of gold, orange and scarlet
Or the blue skies so clear
Is it the sight of the leaves swirling
As the wind beckons them to dance
Or is it the rolling hills of color
That makes me take a second glance
Is it the sound of booming thunderstorms
From sheets to gentle rain that falls
Or is it the brisk autumn breezes
And the howling wind that calls
Is it the brilliant starry nights
With the October moon that glows
Or is it the little babbling brooks
To the raging river that flows
Is it the smell of fresh cut wood
Stacked neatly in a row
Or the sight of orange pumpkins
With happy faces all aglow
Is it candy corn, hay rides and bonfires
Apples that are red and green
Or the smiles of happy children
On the night of Halloween
Is it the smell of Cinnamon and spice
 And wood smoke drifting in the air
Or is it the blue jean overalls
And knitted sweaters that we wear
I guess it’s a time for family and friends
To come inside and join in on the fun
To sip a cup of hot cocoa or cider
And sit beside your special one
I love all that this season has to offer
From sounds, tastes, scents, and sights
To good food and fellowship
And a warm fire on chilly nights


  1. You've painted such a lovely, inviting picture with your words, Sheri. Thank you!

  2. loved it, every line!
    you captured october!

  3. Thank you Pam, I wrote it last year, but still applies today!

    Thank you Tara, the fall is my favorite time of year. ; )

  4. That has a nice musical quality to it!

  5. LOVELY portrait in a poem, Sheri! I came over to read Imago Dei, but I just HAD to read this poem as well. BTW, loved your second entry in the challenge. The honesty was stunning!

    And thank you for your very kind comment on my blog. My apologies for the delay in acknowledging it. My WIP has me whipped right now. SIGH.

    But it was very much appreciated. Please consider me a new follower.

  6. Thank you Bryce for your very kind comments as well. I know how those WIP's can get! Thank you for the follow as well, love making new friends! ;)

  7. A perfectly inviting poem for October. We're finally getting cooler weather here and this sets the mood perfectly. I'll have to sit down with the kids and have some cocoa or cider tonight.

  8. Thank you Marcy. Yes it does set the mood, or I guess in my case, that my mood created the poem that last October. Great idea for you & the kids! ; )

  9. Beautiful poem. Fall has become my favorite season. The light, the colors, the change in the air. Your poem catches all that.

  10. Thank you Elizabeth. It's my favorite also and for the same reasons. Thank you for stopping by. ;)