Monday, September 6, 2010


When you hear the word cancer, it does tend to rattle your cage just a bit.  It’s like someone just gave you a curse and a blessing all in one.  A curse because it’s as though you’ve just been thrown into a horrible game show where your Dr. is the Host and he asks you to pick between treatment door number one, two, or three; behind one of them lies death.

A blessing because you’ve just been walking down the path of life and you suddenly stop and look back over your shoulder and wonder if you’ve lived well; did you do enough in your lifetime to help those that you love to live well?  And most importantly, you’ll never take another day ahead on the path of life for granted.

For now, it seems that the treatment door I’ve chosen has helped and my Dr. has told me that I am cancer free; battle scarred, but cancer free.  For that I am grateful, however, I know that there are so many dear friends that have not had the same outcome.  I pray for those still continuing on with their battle and for the families of those who lost their battle.

To say that this experience has brought me closer to my Lord and Savior would be a gross understatement; He is every breath that I continue to take, for every breath belongs to Him.  I have been at the door and willing to enter that which is not seen, but only imagined; not yet, is His answer to me.  Now I am more than willing to do His bidding and enjoy every moment that I am allowed to spend with those that I love and to help others to know Him as well.  : )

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