Monday, November 28, 2011

A Wish for Christmas by Thomas Kinkade & Katherine Spencer

 I'm taking some time this December to catch up on a favorite reading pastime of mine.  I happen to love reading a Thomas Kinkade Christmas novel each Christmas.  I've gotten behind the last few years (cancer can do that), so now I'm playing catch up!  I love the Cape Light series and am reading "A Christmas Wish" and sipping hot cocoa as I do.  

There are various characters of differing backgrounds within the Cape Light novels, but they do seem to be a sort of family all the same.  They are all neighbors within the little New England village.  There is an entire array of joy, friendship, romance and even sorrow from time to time within the pages of the Cape Light series, but almost always warms your heart.  There are not only vivid sights, sounds, but also wondrous foods to be had within the quaint cottages and shops of the people of Cape Light; no wonder I enjoy the books!  Lol!

Hope you are all taking some brief indulgences during this wondrous Holiday time ~ I am!  ; )


  1. I love his paintings but have never read anything by him. Thanks for the recommendation. I might see if I can find this one.

  2. Hey Shanda, Katherine Spencer also writes with him on these, I think she lives in New England & I'm sure that adds to the details.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Sheri! I will add this series to my to read list. :) Stop by my blog sometime! I'm glad I found your blog from women's cafe! :)

  4. Hey, glad to meet you Sarah! I'll stop over! ;)