Tuesday, March 21, 2017

An early Spring in Virginia

Many of our flowers and tree blossoms have been frozen and heated and frozen again for weeks here in Virginia this early spring.

I'm hoping my pink and white Dogwoods will have some bloom in the end.  If any of you have read my book The Hart of Telendaria you'll know I'm especially fond of them and the Wisteria around the property.

I suppose there is some metaphor in this; perhaps we are too eager for things and we need to take a pause now and again to make sure it's the right timing of a matter.

I am hopeful for Easter this year, perhaps because of the back and forth with the weather.  Somehow Easter for me is the beginning of spring and the renewal of all things.

Happy Spring  ;)

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Re-blog St. Patrick A Pirates Tale

Not many people realize St. Patrick wasn't born in Ireland, in fact he was born in Britain.  Some say he was born into a privileged family with his father being a deacon and minor local official.

It was at the age of 16 Pirates kidnapped him for a ransom and carried him away by ship to Ireland.

He spent six years working as a herdsman and depended upon his faith to see him through; apparently his father didn't pay a ransom for his son.

One night he had a dream which told him a ship was ready to return him to his family.  He escaped his master and found passage to Britain.

He nearly starved and had a second brief captivity before he was reunited with his family.

In the Confessio, his spiritual autobiography he tells of another dream where he's given a letter headed "The Voice of the Irish."  As he read it he seemed to hear a certain company of Irish beseeching him to walk once more among them.

He had doubts of his calling, but in the end did return to Ireland with confidence in the Lord to see him through.

After many years of service, Saint Patrick died in Ireland having fulfilled his calling.

For more amazing facts about Saint Patrick, his faith and his love for the Irish people, check out Encyclopedia Britannica which was the source for most of my information; also My Holiday Ireland St Patrick's Day

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Symphony of Spring

The Symphony Of Spring
The earth sleeps in quiet slumber
Beneath the frozen ground
Most of the leaves have fallen
Frosty mornings without a sound
All await their Creator
To conduct His symphony of Spring
 The tendrils long for the dance
They listen for the birds to sing
The new saplings are eager
To stretch forth their limbs
The Rhododendron waits in anticipation
to stretch forth her stems
The Hydrangeas await the warmth
The sun will soon shine its ray
The hard ground will unlock
Upon the appointed day
When the Creator conducts
His music will ring
And all the earth will rejoice
And join in the symphony of Spring
- Sheri L. Swift


Sunday, January 8, 2017


My Sweetheart doesn't like it so much when I brag on him, but he outdid himself yesterday.

I've been down for a few weeks with bronchitis and he's pretty much been taking care of me.

Last night he made this delicious roast, potatoes topped with sour cream, carrots, brussel sprouts with craisins and drizzled balsamic vinegar.

He also made this scrumptious cherry pie with Truvia baking blend.

I have to admit, I've been pretty spoiled these past few weeks.

For any of you who have read my books you'll know he's my Aidan and my Titus.  ;)