Tuesday, March 21, 2017

An early Spring in Virginia

Many of our flowers and tree blossoms have been frozen and heated and frozen again for weeks here in Virginia this early spring.

I'm hoping my pink and white Dogwoods will have some bloom in the end.  If any of you have read my book The Hart of Telendaria you'll know I'm especially fond of them and the Wisteria around the property.

I suppose there is some metaphor in this; perhaps we are too eager for things and we need to take a pause now and again to make sure it's the right timing of a matter.

I am hopeful for Easter this year, perhaps because of the back and forth with the weather.  Somehow Easter for me is the beginning of spring and the renewal of all things.

Happy Spring  ;)


  1. My husband and I lived in Georgia for 9 years, and that was my first time seeing dogwood trees. I always loved the coming of spring. There were many pink ones and white ones, and then a lovely ivory colored blossoming. Those an the yellow forsythias always gave my heart such a lift.

    1. I moved to VA from CA in 1995 & it was my first time seeing them. In my book I call them the floating flowers because here they are mixed with pines, oaks, maples among their branches & they seem to be floating in air. Yes I love all the colors too & also the forsythias. I still have a few blossoms left & praying I have more this week. Thank you for reading ;)