Wednesday, November 23, 2011


As Americans we celebrate this Holiday remembering our Nation's history, but we also take time out to gather with friends and family to celebrate all that we are thankful for.  We usually gather around a table laden with bountiful foods that we've taken great care to prepare.  Usually there is a succulent turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, an array of vegetables, not to mention assorted desserts; pumpkin pie, carrot cake, etc.

Our tables are usually surrounded by family and friends that we wish to break bread with and enjoy this wonderful feast.  Not everyone is able to do this, but most will still choose to celebrate this day even if they are alone.  Our family is even experiencing a different sort of Holiday this year.  Most of my children have other dinners that they are having with their husband's families.  My husband and I are actually going to a restaurant this year for our Thanksgiving meal, but are having those children that can join us later in the evening for snacks and games; games are a big event in the Swift household, whether they be board or card games.

I know that other countries have their own Thanksgiving celebration as well (like Canada).  So I wish everyone that is celebrating a very Happy Thanksgiving and for those who are not in their homeland, but still celebrating; I wish you safety and may you be home soon.  For those who might not have a bountiful table; I pray you will have that blessing soon.  For those of you who are lonely; I pray you will have sweet fellowship soon.  May God bless all of you and Happy Thanksgiving!  ; )


  1. Aloha Sheri,

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and have fun in the restaurant... at least you won't have to do the dishes!

  2. Thank you Mark. Yeah, I'm actually feeling rather strange about it, but my husband says that I can use the break & to enjoy it! Lol! Hope you & yours has a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

  3. happy T day!
    so much to be thankful for =)

  4. Games were always a part of our Thanksgiving!

  5. Thanks Tara, I agree!

    Alex, we have a large family & there is always someone playing games in one room of the house.

    Now dashing off to enjoy a cook free meal! ; )

  6. Thank you Maeve, I did!

    Thank you Tara, I'll check it out! ; )