Monday, November 14, 2011

Rachael Harrie's Third Campaigner Challenges for 2011 Ebook

I am pleased to announce that Rachael Harrie and Katharina Gerlach have published an ebook that includes some of the challenges from our last Campaign.  I am also proud to say that two of the stories included are my own.  The purchase of this book (of which I just purchased one myself) is going to a fund to help fight cancer.  The ebook is now available at Amazon, Smashwords and soon to be, Barnes & Noble.  The price is only $2.99.  

I really enjoyed this Campaign and loved the camaraderie I had with fellow writers.  I am quite sure that I will have to join in the fun next year as well!  ; ) 


  1. I cannot believe I forgot to participate in this! I will certainly was such a great idea!

  2. Yes, it feels good being a part of it! ; )