Monday, September 19, 2011


I stopped by Rebekah Loper's blackanddarknight and ugh, I got tagged!  Wow, there are a lot of writing games going on here!  Lol!  Okay, so now I have to tell you 10 more random things about me and also pass it along to five others.  I like Rebekah's approach; so if YOU ARE READING THIS, then you've been TAGGED!!!

1.   I used to sing in Churches and had for over twenty years before getting cancer and needed to resign.  Now my act of worship is through the written word, prayer and encouragement of others.

2.   I nearly didn't publish my book and an encounter with the Lord and a Kutless Song ~ What Faith Can Do gave me the strength to finish it and send it for copyright.  I thanked the band in the back of my book.

3.   I love taking bubble baths and this 49 something *ugh hmm* enjoys listening to the above mentioned band's (Kutless) album ~ It Is Well while I join in song!

4.   I used to love going camping in the mountains, at the lake, now I'm pretty much a *hotel* kind of girl and tell my children that I will gladly meet them at the campsite.

5.   My oldest daughter lives in California with her family and we keep in touch, but I wish she lived closer.

6.   I love to eat Mexican food, especially chips & salsa.

7.   I love to stay in my pajamas on Saturdays.

8.   I hate to admit it, but I do like sparkly jewelry, clothes; never thought I would be that kind of gal.

9.   I love to swim and don't do it as much as I would like to.

10. Love having all my kids and grands over to play board games on an autumn/winter evening.

Well, that's about it and I'm worn out for today!  Lol!  So remember, YOU'RE IT!!!  ; )

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