Thursday, September 1, 2011

10 Random Facts About Me

Blogger Game - 10 Random Facts About Me

Hey all! I was asked to join this blogger game where you post 10 random facts about yourself. It should be fun and help us Campaigners get to know each other. If you're playing, post a link to your blog in the comments so we can tour around and mingle with you.

Here are mine...

1.       I love dark chocolate and dark roasted coffee.

2.       I love to walk on the beach when I can (mostly Outer Banks, NC) ~ especially with my Sweetheart.

3.       I have a beagle named Talei (Fijian for precious) ~ named after one of the characters in my book.

4.       I love to read a good fiction/fantasy, but I usually finish it within 3-4 days!  Lol!

5.       I’m a lover, not a fighter ~ though I know sometimes it is necessary to defend those you love.

6.       I am a cancer survivor and because of it, I am stronger.

7.       I love a good lip moisturizer ~ Bonnie Belle.

8.       I love watching old movies/series; am currently watching Wind at my back on the Inspiration Channel.

9.       I enjoy new fiction/fantasy also, yes the Twilight saga are some of them!  Lol!

10.   I work from home ~ Writing and lead the Prayer Ministry for my Church.
11.       Because I can!  Lol!   I published my first novel (Legend of the Mer) that I originally wrote in my junior year of High School ~ over 30 years ago!  ; )


  1. Beagles are sooo cute! That's the kind of dog I would get, but I think my little kitty might get jealous. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Jessica. I used to be a cat owner all through my life and then I developed allergies. Even my dog has to be short hair! Lol!

  3. Nice to get to know you! Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  4. I went to the Outer Banks for the first time this summer. It is beautiful there!

  5. I'm also a dark chocolate lover! And a fellow campaigner. Thanks for the Random Facts. I look forward to getting to know you better.

  6. I love dark roast coffee! I'm partial to chicken poop lip balm though. And Beagles are awesome

    I did my own list of ten things here:

  7. I love the idea of going back to old ideas for fiction; I have a couple myself that I want to dust off and revamp. These are ideas that really stay with you over time, so they must be important on some level. I'm impressed that you wrote a whole novel in high school!

  8. Wow -- as Gail said, so impressive to write a whole novel in high school!

    I also did a list of 10 things:

  9. I saw your other post about researching Fiji and Hawaii. Sounds like you're doing an islands world, which is awesome!

    Here's my list:

  10. Hi Sheri-
    Bonnie Belle reminds me of middle school--the good parts :)
    Here's my 10:
    See you around the campaign!

  11. Wow, I've been a little busy today with my granddaughter, but she's napping:

    Thanks Bethany, I like the Outer Banks because its not so touristy.

    Glad to meet a fellow *chocolate* lover Marcy! Me too! ; )

    Glad to meet a fellow coffee lover K. T., not so sure about the chicken poop! Lol!

    Gail, my original story was *hand written* and 62 pages, but grew over time. Yes, I especially love old values. ; )

    Elizabethanne, I had to finish my story for an Author's fair & I always knew that it was meant to be more, but didn't have the time.

    Yes JA, I actually went to Hawaii for a Yearbook Conference between my Sophomore & Junior year & it greatly inspired my story.

    Coleen, I agree, plus I raised 4 daughters so it kind of became a mainstay! Lol!

    I'll try & check out all of your random facts tomorrow. Sweet Pea's about to wake up! It's been fun getting to know some of you! ; )

  12. Update on my #7, I checked & the lip moisturizer I'm using now is Nivea! Lol! Sweetheart bought it for me on a 2 for 1! ; )

  13. Lol Very nice of your sweetheart. Congrats on the novel. That's really fantastic.

  14. I love, love, love the Outer Banks. My parents have a place in Duck, so we go there at least one week a year. Should go more.

    I am in your YA All genres group, and I look forward to connecting!

  15. Thanks Tia, I love it too. I can't say all my fav; Cape Hatteras, Ocracoke Island, etc.

    I'm glad you're in my group, me too! ; )

  16. Hey Sheri, thanks for stopping by my blog the other day, sorry it's taken so long to return the favor!

    Hehe, my weakness is definitely good fantasy fiction, new and old. Twilight's what I read when I need to not think ;)

  17. Thank you for stopping by too. I still love the Tolkien tales and enjoy reading them when I need a *get away* ; )