Thursday, May 5, 2011


Soft and sweet baby cradled in my arm
Praying God's Angels to keep you from harm
Changing and feeding all the day long
Rocking and singing your lullaby song

I watched you grow from a crawl to a walk
I taught you to draw, to dance and to talk
Your first day of school came all too fast
You were mine alone and I wanted it to last

Now you're 13 and you think I'm no longer cool
You share all your dreams with your friends at school
The distance grows as I try to give you space
Its hard for me to no longer kiss your sweet face

Now you're 15 and I'm once again your friend
We talk away the hours in the garden that we tend
You help around the house, you're so eager to please
It's not that I'm so special; I have the car keys!

Through dances and dates, I've gained some gray hairs
We laughed and we cried giving God all our cares
Its high school Graduation and I watch through my tears
I thank God and pray we'll be close through all of our years

Sheri L. Swift (09/10/03)


  1. Thanks Suzie! It was written when all of the girls were still at home.