Monday, March 28, 2011


When I looked out my window this morning, this is what I saw.  At first glace, you might say that you’d rather see sunshine.  Lol!  But, you cannot ignore the beauty that is before you.  When my children were younger I would love days like this.  Like many families, we led very busy lives.  But here in the Blue Ridge, things tend to slow down on a snow day.

On such days, we’d make some homemade cocoa and bundle up with a comfy blanket and put on an old movie.  We might even get out a jigsaw puzzle or two or a board game and enjoy long conversations with each other; these are the memories that I treasure.

It seemed like just as our lives got a little too busy and out of control, a snowstorm would come and make all of our plans come to a stop; no school, no sports and for some, no work.  It isn’t so pleasant for those who do have to go out to work on such a day.  But for us, it was like a Holiday.

Now my children are gone and living in homes of their own, but I did enjoy a phone call and some Facebook time with two daughters who are now home with their children on a snow day and that makes me smile.  : )

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