Thursday, March 10, 2011


To say that my husband and I do a bit of competing, that wouldn't be quite right.  For one thing, he is tall and I am short, so there's no competition when it comes to walking; running?  Never gonna happen!  Lol!  He made 9th in the Nation his junior year of High School for cross country.

When it comes to driving, he's quite crafty; I'm not talking about speeding, just quick minded on how to maneuver.  So last week we met up in town as we do on occasions to do our weekly grocery shopping.  I actually made it out of the store first and in my car; of course he was still at the check-out and then loaded the car.  So I decided to get a head start.  I had parked in a better row, so I knew I could get out first.  I made it to the light in time, but he still wasn't far behind and made it also.  When  I had driven some ways, I was pleased to see that I still had the slight advantage.  Then I was coming up to the light where we make a turn as it was turning red and I remembered what my husband always did, he turned into the corner bank parking lot (always after hours) and saved time that way.  So I did likewise, only to realize that I had turned in too soon and it was actually another parking lot next to the bank with only one entrance/exit.  My husband smiled as he passed me and turned into the correct lot.  I now had to turn around and go back.

On the way home, I thought about how much that was like me and God.  Sometimes I think I can get to a place in my life more quickly if I can just lead the way myself.  I know God must be saying, "Lol!  Never gonna happen!"  But, I try anyways only to find that I have to backtrack and begin again.  He's always teaching me some new lesson in patience.

How did my shopping trip end?  Just like me and God; my husband made it home in plenty of time to unload all the groceries and turn on the outside lamppost so that I could see more clearly when I got there.  : )

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