Wednesday, March 23, 2016

An Easter Celebration

Our family celebrates Easter on Palm Sunday because some of our children serve in other churches on Easter Sunday.

This way we get quality time, not just a quick visit and run, Lol.

When I was setting up last week I couldn't help but think about last Easter.

I had become home bound with an injury and was awaiting a much needed surgery.

I wasn't able to give our Easter celebration as I had always done.

When Easter Sunday arrived, one of my Son-in-loves (Roger) secretly hid eggs for his children in my back prayer garden.

When he came inside through the front door he announced it was time for his children to hunt the eggs.

I wasn't able to go outside, but I could sit in my kitchen and watch them through the window.  It brought tears to my eyes.

Thank the Lord I was able to once again give the celebration this year.

Although it was starting to sleet, the children (nine of them) did a fast and furious hunt.

Thanking the Lord for His marvelous gift through sacrifice and counting my blessings  ;)

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