Monday, June 23, 2014

Wisteria Hill ~ a poem of Elven love

In my latest book The Hart Of Telendaria An Elven Love Story, my main characters are Aidan of the Sidhean Forest an Elf and Alterra of Telendaria (formerly Glen Haven) part-Elf, Pixie and Mortal.  Through many hardships they meet and marry.

Their love is so powerful that when they kiss, their green gemstones within their crowns begin to glow and every plant cannot help but to celebrate the joy of their love with them; not to mention the insects and animals of An Domhan.

On one such occasion, Aidan purposefully brings seeds of the Wisteria and plants them with Alterra in hopes to make an arbor and haven for their love; the rest is history-

Let all who pass and see this sight
Know the High Elven King and Queen here spent this night
For Aidan did love Alterra upon this hill
With an everlasting love which grows for her still
For her royal beauty is beyond compare
And her heart of mercy is a quality rare
Theirs is a love which cannot be restrained
For their joy overflows and cannot be contained
The Wisteria rejoiced in both blossom and limb
For it could not help but celebrate with them
An ageless love they have pledged to themselves
When Aidan loved Alterra in the land of Elves

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  1. I believe there is a part of Aidan & Alterra in all of us if we choose to make a difference for good in this world. ;)