Friday, May 16, 2014

An encounter with a Hummingbird

The other night about twilight, I went out my back door to let my dog Talei in the house.

When I opened the door a large bright blue butterfly slowly drifted in the air towards me.

I'm not sure if it was my perfume or the cool air coming through the door, but the butterfly kept flying towards me at eye level.

It got so close, I thought it was going to land on my face, so I put up my hand between me and the butterfly.

It just hovered right in front of me only inches from me and I realized it wasn't a butterfly at all.

It was a hummingbird with a bright red breast and a beautiful bright blue head and wings.

He just seemed to need to connect with me for whatever reason.

I began to feel like my Elven character Queen Alterra.

I smiled brightly and then the hummingbird gracefully flew away.

How awesome, I thought.

I realized Talei had also been mesmerized and never even barked at the hummingbird.

I feel privileged to have had such an encounter.  ;)


  1. Lovely! I have seen hummingbirds and love them. But before I've had a chance to grasp that I've actually seen one, they seem to fly away!

  2. Same here, it was amazing to see one so close. Its amazing to me how beautiful God's creations are. ;)

  3. What a beautiful moment! Thank you so much for sharing.