Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter Reflections

Last week we lost our power for three days after a snow storm that piled up as high as a foot of snow in five hours.  This is a picture of my backyard that next morning.

I watched out the window as my husband shoveled snow away from our mailbox, thankful for him doing it and asking God to give him strength to be able to do it.

I couldn't help but notice the large blue spruce in our front yard that was once a gift from my mother for a Christmas tree (2000).  Its rather large now, but the branches which normally rose to the sky now looked like a folded up umbrella with its branches on the ground.

I thought about how much I'm like that tree.  Sometimes I get tired and run down from the busyness of life and when I'm ill.  I feel like I'm going to fall with the weight of it all.

The next morning I saw the same tree, but now with its branches free of snow and lifted to the sky once more.  Wow, did that really touch my heart as I realized how much like me, after I let go of all the baggage and pray for the Lord to refresh me and then I lift my hands heavenward with thanksgiving once more.   


  1. What a wonderful analogy! I can totally related (I think I'm in need of dumping about a ton of snow/baggage :). Glad you all got through the storm--no power for 3 days would have been miserable!

  2. Thank you Meradeth. I think we all feel like that sometimes. Yes, it was rough, but thankful for a fireplace and a Coleman camp stove.

  3. Beautiful imagery! And a powerful metaphor. Blessings!